Statement of Non-Discrimination

The University of Wisconsin–Madison (University) is committed to providing equal opportunity and equal access and to complying with all applicable federal and State of Wisconsin laws and regulations and University of Wisconsin System (UWS) and University non-discrimination policies and procedures

The Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) has responsibility for conducting investigations of complaints of discrimination on behalf of the University. A series of definitions and questions and answers containing details on the University’s investigative processes are found below. The definitions and questions and answers are meant to help employees, applicants for employment, students, applicants for admission, and anyone using the University’s programs or activities, including visitors to campus, understand how the University defines discrimination; what types of discrimination are prohibited in the University’s programs and activities; how and where to file a complaint of discrimination; how complaints of discrimination are investigated; and, the possible outcomes of an investigation. They also contain information on what other governmental agencies may have jurisdiction over their concerns. 

Each complaint of discrimination, discriminatory harassment, or retaliation is reviewed on a case-by-case basis consistent with the University’s investigative procedures, federal and State of Wisconsin statutes and regulations, and UWS and University policies and procedures. Discrimination complaint investigations will be carried out in a manner consistent with the protection of individual First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, expression and academic freedom.

Individuals making a complaint of discrimination or taking part in an investigation relating to discrimination or opposing discrimination are protected against retaliation by University employees. As a matter of University policy, it is prohibited to use University technology (computers, e-mail systems, voice mail systems, and webpages) in any manner that would result in discrimination on any of the bases listed on our website under Filing Complaints.