Education and Professional Development

Programs and Initiatives

The OED designs, develops, conducts and coordinates professional development opportunties for university employees and students addressing affirmative action, diversity, equal employment opportunity and excellence. Presentations developed by the OED are tailored to accommodate the concerns of individual academic departments or employing units. OED staff also accommodates special needs such as off campus worksites, evening work shifts, Spanish-language sessions and presentations in collaboration with Cultural Linguistics Services and Bilingual Training Officers. Interpretation services are available upon request. OED has developed training and professional development programs in collaboration with administrative and employing units across the UW-Madison Campus.

Our programs aim to promote the development of competencies that sustain and strengthen our position of preeminence in research and higher education; assist in the promotion and career advancement of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities and foster the development of work environments that promote and support affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, excellence and diversity.

Leadership Institute
SEED Seminars
Sexual Harassment Information Sessions
Divisionional Disability Representative (DDR) Program
Graduate Assistant Equity Workshops
Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI)

Divisional Disability Representative (DDR) Program

Divisional Disability Representatives (DDRs) are designated by their Dean or Director to assist supervisors, managers, and employees in their school, college or division in responding to disability-related employment matters.


  • To increase the DDR’s efficiency and comfort level by providing them with up-to-date information on a wide range of issues and a rich pool of solutions to complex problems.
  • To promote diversity on campus by strengthening the partnership between the Office for Equity and Diversity and DDRs.
  • To further the priority of “Nurturing Our Human Resources” through effective management of disability-related cases.

Barb Lanser is the director of the DDR program.To find out more about disability-related matters or to find out who serves as DDR for your school, college, or division visit the Web site.

Graduate Assistants Equity Workshops

Offered continuously since 1990, these professional development sessions for Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Program/Project Assistants (PAs) focus on discrimination, diversity and harassment. The sessions are presented by OED and McBurney Disability Resource Center staff in partnership with DELTA and the Theatre for Cultural and Social Awareness. Workshop participants are provided information about relevant laws, policies, regulations and resources and explore the practical application of the policies to classroom and learning environments. Questions concerning the training program and the proper rates of pay for TAs and PAs should be addressed to the Academic Personnel Office (265-2257) or to the Office for Equity and Diversity (263-2378).

Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute offers a safe and respectful environment for engaging in a sustained dialogue within a diverse learning community for exploration about self and others, meaning of work and leadership. The Leadership Institute provides a forum to examine where we are in our careers, how we came to be here, and to re-envision future possibilities to help lead UW–Madison into an increasingly complex future. A major goal is to enhance and build our capacities to work and lead more effectively, thereby, contributing toward a campus climate affirming and validating diverse world views and ways of being in the world.

 Leadership Institute participants gain:

 • A forum for discussion and reflection on what you believe, what you’re working toward, and paths for getting there;

 • An opportunity to help reshape the leadership culture and campus climate to be more open to various perspectives and ways of being;

 • The pleasure of working with a group of colleagues from diverse disciplines, positions, and world views;

 • Access to information and resources to develop skills that contribute to effective performance in your current position and facilitate your future career development; and

 • An opportunity to devise a personal professional development plans

Seema Kapani is the Director of the Leadership Institute. For more information about the program please contact the Office for Equity and Diversity, located at:

179-A Bascom Hall
500 Lincoln Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53706
WTRS: 7-1-1
FAX: 608-263-5562

Sandwich Generation

In today's world, we are self-educating via all the technology available, but this can also lead to more confusion. We are individuals who are multi-tasking at an incredible rate. We solve problems daily, sometimes moment to moment, and we rarely have time to plan ahead and educate ourselves about things that will affect our future.


Join us for a day of Self Education with June Partoll RNC CLSW NHA. Topics covered in this session include Insurance, Retirement, Medicare (Parts A-F), Medicaid, Supplemental Insurances, Social Security, Spousal Impoverishment, Home Health, Powers of Attorney, Wills and Care Giving.


June Partoll is a Registered Nurse Certified in Gerontology, Social Worker, Nursing Home Administrator, and a faculty member at Madison College. She has worked in the field of care giving for more than 35 years. Her experience and expertise in these areas allow her to educate individuals and to answer many complex questions.

Sexual Harassment Information Sessions

Offered campuswide for all employees and limited appointees. The goals are to:
  • share with participants the complex and often confusing character of sexual harassment,
  • illustrate the likelihood that you will be confronted by this issue, and
  • provide information you need in order to respond appropriately.

We have developed the informational sessions in order to achieve the following outcomes:

  • More informed, responsive, and comfortable community
  • An enhanced institutional reputation: a public perception that the university is welcoming and respectful to all employees and students
  • Effective, prompt, local resolution of problems: with fewer instances of formal complaints being handled in external legal or administrative forums
  • Reduced exposure of the university for civil liability and potential loss of federal grant funds
  • Work and learning environments that better support excellence in teaching and learning, research, and service
For more information about these information sessions please visit the Sexual Harassment Web site.

Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (S.E.E.D.) Seminars

S.E.E.D. is a national project on inclusive curriculum coordinated by Peggy McIntosh and Emily Style. Our own SEED chapter is for faculty, staff, and administrators interested in multicultural and gender-balanced scholarship and its implications for a more inclusive curriculum and teaching methods.            

This seminar provides a unique opportunity for participants to meet in a safe and respectful environment to discuss and develop strategies for building inclusive curricula and classrooms. This seminar draws upon both the textbooks of our ‘selves’ as well as from the textbooks on the ‘shelves.’ Using readings, videos, reflective writing and group work, we will discuss the impact of race, class, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation and other defining aspects of our identity on teaching and learning.             

The seminar is co-facilitated by Dr. Seema Kapani, Office for Equity and Diversity. In order to confirm interest, please contact Dr. Seema Kapani (262-6284).

Women In Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI)

OED is an administrative partner with WISELI. OED and WISELI staff collaborate to develop resource materials and present at the WISELI “Searching for Excellence and Diversity” sessions offered throughout campus.

Consultation and Training by Request

For consultation and training, please contact the Office for Equity and Diversity:


179A Bascom Hall

500 Lincoln Drive

Madison, WI  53706


FAX: 608-263-5562

Wisconsin Telecommunications Relay Service (WTRS) 7-1-1