Child Abuse and Neglect Resources

No UW-Madison employee making a report of suspected child abuse or neglect to child protective services or law enforcement, in good faith, may be discharged from employment, disciplined or otherwise discriminated against in regard to employment, or threatened with any such treatment, for so doing.

Download PDFs of UW-Madison Child Abuse Reporting materials:

Message from the Provost(Read the translated message in Chinese, Hmong, Spanish, and Tibetan)

If you have questions about your duty to report or to request group training, contact Kathryn (Kate) O'Connor at 608-263-2378 or (Language interpretation services are available.) In person training is preferred for those individuals who work with minors on a routine basis.  Those individuals who work with minors on a occasional basis may take the training provided online but should also contact Kate O'Connor for brochures that are specific to UW-Madison guidelines.